What kind of church is First Christian Church?

We call ourselves Christians, just as the followers of Jesus did in Scripture (Acts 11:26). As Christians, we are those who follow Jesus Christ and who belong to Christ. We desire to be known by no other name than His name. Our church is affiliated with the Restoration Movement churches, but is not associated with any denomination in Christendom. Rather than identify with a denomination, we simply desire to be Christians only as we read in the Bible. Our church is known as an independent Christian Church.

The Vandalia First Christian Church is a place of worship and fellowship, where individuals can come together to learn about and grow in their faith. As a church, our goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, and to help bring people to a personal relationship with him. We strive to provide a supportive and inclusive community where all are welcome, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Here are three key ways in which we work towards this goal:
Ultimately, it is our hope that through these efforts, we can help individuals grow in their faith and become more like Christ in their words, actions, and daily lives. We believe that by coming together as a church community, we can support and encourage one another on this journey of faith.
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